I Will Pay For The Following Essay American Family Culture The Essay Is To Be 3

I will pay for the following essay American Family Culture. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

There are a multitude of family forms and family types in America today and family is a social unit in a constant state of evolution. We will explore the different family configurations found in the United States today and will pepper our analysis with comparisons of American family forms to modern Mexican families, the other half of our analysis.

The ‘traditional’ American family is a heterosexual, nuclear family headed by two parents in which the husband is the primary breadwinner and the wife is the homemaker. On the far left side of the continuum of change, the traditional nuclear family model is widespread across the globe and represents a traditional gendered division of labour, both within the house as well as outside of the home. Mexico families generally also meet the requirements for what can be described as a traditional family which traditional gender expectations and values. In the Western world, the traditional model is becoming less and less viable as many families require the incomes of both parents. Women’s increased education and employment prospects have made the transition from the traditional model to the modern familial model more and more prevalent in modern Western society (Bossen 128-133. Roopnarine & Gielen 32-34).

As with the traditional family, the ‘modern American family’ is nuclear in the sense that it involves the cohabitation of two heterosexual partners but differs in that it involves dual earners as both the man and the woman work outside of the home to earn money. While both husband and wife work outside of the home in paid labor, it is important to note that the gendered division of labour within the home of the modern family has not necessarily changed. Women, within the modern family, still bear the brunt of housekeeping, child rearing and basic familial chores. This form of family life is found throughout the United States and has evolved in response to women’s

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