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The women are allowed to maintain stronger ties with their families even after they are married. This differs from the Koreans where women married to the eldest sons are expected to live with their in- laws.

The normal American family contrasts significantly to the typical Korean and Vietnamese families. Unlike Vietnamese and Korean families, American families believe that there are designated roles for family members. It is the responsibility of parents to take care of the family, and children may chip in only if they wish to do so. Even though the American family believes in respect to elders and parents, children are allowed to express their opinions and takes on issues in the family. Family members can express their emotions and feelings in public, and this stresses their affection to their loved ones. Koreans and Vietnamese children view American parents as less strict, more expressive and liberal than their own parents. The Koreans and Vietnamese believe in family ties that extend to in laws and grandparents.

In the American family, however, families are composed of parents, children and sometimes grandparents. In short, the American families take care of their own families and are self sufficient. In fact, most American families take their aged relatives to the nursing home, an evident contrast to the Vietnamese family. The latter prefer that the eldest son takes care of the aged relatives. This is a positive value that the Vietnamese, even those that have conformed to the American family doctrines, intend to keep. On the other hand, emotional expressivity found in the American culture is admired by many Korean and Vietnamese. If given a chance, they have indicated that they would change their parents’ lack of emotional connection. Most of them view this as a form of expression of love and affection, a value that lacks in their communities.

From the Chinese Confucianism, the Korean and Vietnamese have learned and

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