I Will Pay For The Following Essay Application Methods Section Part 2 The Essay

I will pay for the following essay Application: Methods Section (Part 2. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Workers in this case tend to divert their concentration from the work setting and focus on other factors. The main way for the management to handle this issue is by showing gratitude to the workers for the work done. Appreciation can be shown in ways like improving workers environment and salary upgrade (Wengrzyn, 2012).

Accountability is an aspect that demonstrates employee devotion to work. It drives an employee to go beyond normal means to achieve company goals and set structures. Relationships in a work setting are held together by truthful and honest communications. There should be honesty between the management and the employees. The discussion should involve all aspects of activities affecting work progress and both the employees and management should brainstorm and come up with ideas that enforce good working conditions. This approach ensures that all employees opinion count irrespective of position. It has no place for monopolization hence promoting accountability and transparency (Spicer, 2011).

Culture of a company should go hand in hand with market and economical advancement. The business should be flexible and embrace demanding issues effectively in regards to employee factors. The morale of employees is highly affected by the company`s culture. Culture also has the tendency to affect the company`s decisions, downfalls, victories and ways of communications. Cultural change in a business is a difficult but necessary aspect to change. Senior staffs who have been working for a corporation for many years may have difficulty in adapting to changes needed. These changes should incorporate the introduction of benefits to workers contract that will help boost employee’s morale. Promotion of hardworking and long term serving workers should also be considered and implemented to encourage employee loyalty (Spicer, 2011).

The conventional instruments to consider in