I Will Pay For The Following Essay Comparing And Contrasting Osama Bin Laden And

I will pay for the following essay Comparing and contrasting Osama Bin Laden and Pablo Escobar. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.


Both Osama and Escobar became the most wanted men globally due to their involvement in narco-terrorism. Further, both Osama and Escobar were considered to be a threat to the United States interest. Both men also controlled a network that stretched around the world. For example, Osama established terror cells in different parts around the world. Similarly, Escobar also established a drug smuggling network in different parts around the world. Both Osama and Escobar were also ruthless and showed no mercy to those considered as enemies to their cause. The similarity between Osama and Escobar is also evident on how they attracted a huge following, and particularly those who considered them to be philanthropic or helping the poor in the society.

In addition, both men also used the money they received from selling illicit drugs to arm themselves with the intention of waging war against those they considered their enemies. Innocent civilians have also died because of the actions of both men. However, at some point, the United States also benefited from both men. For example, the U.S worked together with Osama, who operated as a liaison between the CIA and the Mujahedeen during the 9-year occupation of Afghanistan by the USSR army (Balderson). Conversely, Pablo helped anti-narcotics agents to understand how drugs are smuggled from Colombia to the United States. These helped to reduce illicit drugs in the streets of cities in the United States.


On one hand, Osama was a terrorist with the intention of destroying America. On the other hand, Escobar focused on smuggling illicit drugs to the United States where he earned millions that helped to expand his drug empire to other countries.

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