I Will Pay For The Following Essay Corruption In Correctional Personnel The Essa

I will pay for the following essay Corruption in correctional personnel. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The legal scholars and criminologists present in other countries are usually appalled and mystified by the length of the prison sentences taking place in America. Currently there are about 2.3 million prisoners behind bars in America which is more than the number of prisoners held by any other nation(Liptak, 2008).

An article published in “the guardian” in its September 2013 issue exposes that one of the American prison officers named Robert Di-Bona went to work while he was high on ecstasy.The prison officer was also accused for selling steroids to one of the former inmate. A corruption investigation was conducted against the prison officer. Beside the already mentioned allegations, the officer was also accused for providing false evidence to the commission working to eradicate corruption from government institutions. The officer also acted corruptly twice when he went to his duty, which was later found out to be the influence of ecstasy. Other than giving steroids to one of the former inmates, Robert Di-Bona was also found giving prescribed steroids to his fellow officer named Christopher Warren by the watchdog. Both Di-Bona and Warren worked for a special program at the jail. The report submitted by the commission working against corruption in jail found both the men engaged in corrupt activities and were reported using steroids on job. The officer was also accused for using his mobile phone for some kind of social purpose which is against law(Prison officer was high on ecstasy at work, corruption inquiry finds, 2013).

If we look further into the matter highlighted in the article we can see that almost 1000 prison officers were found involved in corruption by the service commission. The report also suggest the fact that while most of the prison officers try to operate through honest means, there are still a number of officers that are involved in corrupt practices. There was a report broadcasted by BBC