I Will Pay For The Following Essay Cultural Diversity Issue Related To Biologica

I will pay for the following essay Cultural diversity issue related to biological psychology. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

dentity develops itself through the influence of a number of environmental factors such as parental example, language use, and social reinforcement (Muwonge, 2010).

Children acquire sex appropriate behavior from their parents and it further reinforced by the society. They also know the meaning of “she and he” and how to use such terms among themselves. The multiplier effect is responsible for an individual’s behavior that gender can be attributed to. Generally, the behavioral tendencies as a result of the brain exposure to hormones results in the male and female behavioral expressions. the behavior between the two (male and female) is slightly different. These expressions are either discouraged or encouraged during the course of an individual’s lifetime (Muwonge, 2010). It is imperative to note that gender identity (that is, the perception of oneself as a girl or a boy) begins during the early childhood time (Chrisler and McCreary, 2010).

However, there are some authors who disagree with the notion that gender identity is not a biological process. Sammons (2009), assert that biological psychology recognizes gender role and identity as arising from biological processes. Gender differences tend to result from the sex differences. In other words, men and women think, feel, and act differently because of the variances in how their brains function. The brain differences are brought about by the chromosomal differences and they can be as a result of the hormonal differences. Men and women are chromosomally different. men have a Y and an X chromosome (XY) and women have 2 X chromosomes (XX). In other words, “gender identity occurs through the presence of chromosomes that determine the extent to which the cells in the body develop into the physical structures of a male or female” (Carducci, 2009).

After conception, male and female embryos cannot be distinguished from each other except through their chromosomes. However, the male Y chromosome begins to