I Will Pay For The Following Essay Development Of My Interest In Business Econom

I will pay for the following essay Development of My Interest in Business Economics. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Availability of land and water, and the region’s blue mountains and waters identify agricultural opportunities tourist attractions. The locality, however, has been isolated from the rest of the world and this informed and motivated me to improve it.

My experience from my community and from cities such as Hong Kong and others around the world has also influenced personal and professional goals and determined my choice for business economics as a major. I lived in Wuyuan for the first ten years of my life and witnessed its economic development, which has been significant. The locality has gradually improved its interaction with the rest of the world. Economic activities have emerged and grown, an occurrence that has informed me on the power of economic reforms. Interaction with economic development in Hong Kong, however, challenged me because of its rapid pace and power. It shocked me and influenced my desire to initiate and influence economic development, first for myself and then in my community. My volunteer work experience also identifies my passion for my community. I have been volunteering in USC Pacific Asia Museum on the second Sunday of each month for the last few years. This has informed me on Asian history that I have also taught children. I am also a member of John Chinese Young Volunteers Association. At Pasadena City College, I am a member of business club, economics club, global club, Helping Hands Club and International Socialist Organization club in which I share my ideas on communal empowerment. As part of my community initiative, I will send some clothing, together with defective ones to needy children in rural China, especially orphans.

My entrepreneurial experience and growth are my most important accomplishment. It began as a passion but success followed, and it has shaped my academic and professional goals.