I Will Pay For The Following Essay Different File Names The Essay Is To Be 7 Pag

I will pay for the following essay Different file names**. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In collaboration with Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the program audits are conducted in which program evaluation is performed by testing the hearing loss of workers after every 2 months and the related data is recorded.

Sustainable designs in relation to buildings refer to construction of those building which are certified as “green” buildings. The term “green” means that those buildings are constructed in such a manner that they are aligned with ecological and environmental aftereffects. LEED is a certificate that is awarded to those buildings which are constructed under the applicable codes and standards of the LEED.

The sustainable elements that are used in the projects are skylight system, electric car charge stations and light rail systems as the basic elements of sustainable design of the buildings. Skylight system is introduced to illuminate the halls, electric charge station is developed to minimize fuel consumption and light rail system is built to facilitate the transportation.

The main hurdle during the design of these environmental friendly building is that large number of human capital is required as no individual can complete the task of designing such sustainable buildings all alone. This problem can be resolved by developing different teams pertaining to specific areas of the project and a leader monitors the performances of the teams.

The role of civil engineer is of very key nature as his/her responsibility includes the consulting and designing. Moreover, he/she needs to carry out those steps which help in gelling up the team into one unit and perform the duties in such a manner that sheer excellence, perfection, safety and sustainability is reflected from the work of civil engineer.

Professional organizations are very necessary because they provide many benefits to the individuals. They

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