I Will Pay For The Following Essay Discuss The Role Of The Physical Social And R

I will pay for the following essay Discuss the role of the physical , social , and religious setting in the construction of Mathais character and conflict in The Pledge. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The prose, while considered to be a mystery novel was written to depict Durrenmatt’s criticism of mainstream detective stories, and the ending departs from the usual mystery-gets-solved formula by showing the reader the tragic reality that not all crimes get solved, and there are lots of factors in play that could affect the outcome of the case, such as the character’s personality. In this story, the development of the main protagonist’s character has been affected by various experiences and incidences, making Inspector Matthai change from a predictable and calculating man into someone who risks everything such as ethics and safety of others just to fulfill his promise. Through the combination of various settings in the story such as the cold and harsh environment of Chur, a society that expects law enforcers to bring justice to all wrongdoings, and the strong influence of religion to decision-making during the post-war years turns the respected former inspector into a ragged person obsessed with solving a cold-case murder, who even forgoes certain ethical principles that he used to believe in just to catch his man.

The story shows the events through a first-person point of view by a former police chief simply called Dr. H., and the story of former Police Inspector Matthai from being a decorated and respected officer to a ragged owner of a gas station becomes unraveled as the narration progresses. The physical aspect of the setting dictates the mood of the story, and it reflects the personality of the main protagonist from the beginning. It is set in the town of Chur somewhere in Switzerland, where “winter seemed unwilling to leave this part of the country” (Durrenmatt 48). The seemingly-predictable order of the story at the beginning is similar to the predictability of the physical setting to always be cold and under snow, and predictability is one thing that causes boredom, which is what Inspector Matthai

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