I Will Pay For The Following Essay Dissertation How Effective Are Celebrity Endo

I will pay for the following essay Dissertation ;HOW EFFECTIVE ARE CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS IN CHANGING UK CONSUMER ATTITUDES ABOUT VARIOUS CLOTHING BRANDS. The essay is to be 48 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The paper has been based on two main objectives, i.e. Studying the consumer attitude towards brands and Studying the impact of the celebrity endorsements on UK customer attitudes in clothing industry. The paper has a major limitation as it lacks a qualitative research and is also focused on the low income group of the population. The research findings clearly highlight that a majority of the individuals are not impacted by the celebrity endorsements.

Branding is one of the most essential aspects of any business. In the recent times, the main motif behind complete branding can be understood to be attempts to combine the customer preferences with the various diverse activities. The impact of celebrity endorsements on an overall brand specifically in the clothing industry is essential to understand and relate to. The form of marketing adopted by marketers significantly affect the consumer purchasing style and decisions. Fashion marketing is a complicated business process, much like any other industry, which involves everyone in the industry from manufacturing workers to the retail buyer. Clothing is produced, promoted using a variety of mediums, and ultimately delivered to the final buying segments. Once in the retail environment, the buyer instructs salespersons about new clothing merchandise, develops employee talents in selling and sales techniques, and generally has flexibility in deciding on specific fashions and designs (Careers, 2005). All of these activities contribute to the process of ensuring that sales targets are met for both the manufacturer and the retail organisation which carries the fashion brands. In the UK alone, consumers spent £46.2 billion on clothing in 2006 (Brand Strategy, 2008). Across the whole of Europe, consumers spent 311.6 billion Euros on clothing and fashion, representing a very profitable industry internationally. Marketers hence recognise this industry is very large and

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