I Will Pay For The Following Essay Ella S End Of Life Care The Essay Is To Be 7

I will pay for the following essay Ella’s End of Life Care. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

However, in the event Ella wishes to stick with the alternative and complementary practices, it is expected that numerous conflicts will arise within the family since Ella has been using this approach to deal with the illness for many years but the treatment seems not effective. This means that the family members will be extremely unhappy with Ella’s decision. The family may even hope to change Ella’s mode of treatment in an attempt to prolong her life through seeking medical attention. This option will also affect the manner in which Ella’s husband will handle his grief as well as the rejection of his proposed treatment option.

Secondly, there is an option of Ella being coerced into following mainstream medical advice. This option will make it extremely stressing for Ella, since she will be forced to embrace beliefs that she does not share. She may even complain that her family is the cause of her misery. Thirdly, in the case where Ella’s husband insists that, as father and husband, his family traditions should be adhered to, the case may be worse for Ella since she will be of the opinion that her feelings are not adhered to, and that she is only being forced to undertake the medical treatment by virtue of being a wife not a cancer patient. This is a clear explanation of the fact that cultural/traditional issues will arise in the case where the alternative and complementary medicine and beliefs are combined with the mainstream medical practices and traditional rituals.

In the thought of Chabner (1993), the attempt to come up with new forms of treatment have useful in complementing the use of traditional modes of treatment. It is also vital to note that the cancer patients require sensitive care and proper attention due to their sensitive nature as Cunningham (1996) recommends. Ella’s biological basis can therefore be evaluated on the grounds of sensitive care and nursing since the biological treatment will affect the other family members with respect

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