I Will Pay For The Following Essay Engineering Electrical Circuits And Bernoulli

I will pay for the following essay Engineering electrical circuits and bernoulli science. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

For the fluid moving at a steady rate within the pipe, there is a constant mass flow throughout the pipe expressing the mass conservation. For non compressible fluid, the density remains constant. hence the volume flow is also constant in the pipe for all liquids and gases at low pressure. The continuity (velocity * area) also remains constant in the whole pipe. This equation is presented as shown below:

Pressure energy is computed as the quantity of the fluid flowing. This is the product between the cross-sectional area and the speed of flow. The quantity is constant. Therefore, the energy is calculated as

Laminar streamline / flow) takes place whenever a fluid moves in the pipe in parallel layers without any disruption. When the fluid flows in closed pipes, it produces two flows depending on the depending on its speed and viscosity. This is referred to as the laminar or turbulent flow. Figure 1 above shows laminar flow while figure 2 above shows turbulent flows.

Bernoullis equation is produced on the basis of an energy balance within the fluid. The amount of energy within the fluid is constant at any point within the system (energy conservation). However, it is redistributed while the fluid moves through the system.

Pressure energy calculated as the fluid pressure at any point depending on external pressure together with the pressure from the head of the liquid calculated from head * density * gravitational acceleration. Therefore Pressure energy P is calculated as:

Adequate pressure supply is distributed to each floor by use of a constant volume control system. The outlet is an upper pipe referred to as the supply line, which carries the flow of fluids at a speed of 4m / s and a pressure of 2 Bars. The pipe carries the fluid to the top of the building from where the fluids flow through gravitational pull. Each floor level is 2.5m high slab to slab for the 22 floors.

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