I Will Pay For The Following Essay Eroupean Business The Essay Is To Be 10 Pages

I will pay for the following essay Eroupean business. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Along with this evolution of humans and territories, the political setup, which ruled villages, also evolved and new political setups came into being, to rule cities, provinces or states and importantly countries.

With the evolution and formation of countries, the political setups also evolved, with countries governed by different political setups including democracy, monarchy, Theocracy, Despotism, etc. This evolution and establishment of many countries with different political setups have necessitated the formation of an overseeing or conglomerate organization. The role of ‘conglomerate’ organization is manifold as it provides a forum to discuss as well as solve many important issues apart from aiding unison of countries. This paper will focus on one such organization, European Union. European Union is a conglomeration of countries in the continent of Europe. But, that conglomeration or integration has not been fully actualized, as certain older member states particularly United Kingdom opposing it and mistrusting it. So, this paper will first analyze why certain member states particularly UK is mistrusting European integration, and then will discuss the changes particularly institutional structure and economic changes that might reinvigorate the process of European integration.

United Kingdom is regarded as one of the most dominant countries in the world history, as it strengthened its sovereignty as well as spread its influence all over the world in the earlier centuries. But, in recent times or in recent decades, citizens think that its supremacy and importantly sovereignty is being challenged by external issues or organizations, with which UK is voluntarily associated. That is, some actions of external bodies like European Union (UK holds membership of it) and its court is undermining the powers as well as the laws issued by the UK Parliament, thereby UK’s sovereignty.

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