I Will Pay For The Following Essay Ethics In Healthcare Hcm 410 Senior In Colleg

I will pay for the following essay Ethics in Healthcare-HCM 410/senior in college. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The focus of our discussion are the right to be reasonably informed participation in and consent to their health care program and the right to respectful and nondiscriminatory service.

Under the provisions of the law, patients are entitled to receive clear and concise explanation of their condition and the options they have regarding the management of their ailments. It is also an imperative that any proposed technical procedures should be discussed fully with the patient. “Except in emergency situations, patients will not be subjected to any procedure without their voluntary, competent and understanding consent or that of a legally authorized representative.”2

Although the law is very clear on this matter, ethical issues arise in emergency situations involving life and death. Let us take the example of ethical concerns in cases of Do Not Resuscitated Orders (DNR) in the emergency room where life is at stake. According to the law, the patient or his/her family should be involved in the process.

It is well established that there is no ethical obligation for physicians to provide treatment that is futile (AMA 1996). Yet, we could not pinpoint as to what extent can be refer a case to be futile. Discussing the issue of futility to the patient’s family is legal but is it ethical? At the point of death, discussing futility of treatment and the possibilities of giving a DRN order with the family of the dying patient is not only unkind but also very traumatic to the family. You simply cannot explain the clinical meaning of all these things and expect a clear understanding on the side of the family. As a nurse who has the duty “to practice with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity…of an individual”3 there will always be instances when the letters of the law may contradict with the values espoused by professional ethics.

The law so provides that you have the right to considerate, respectful and

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