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Honestly, sometimes it seems like sexuality is a very complex topic of study in the gender relations. However, married men, for example, are often bombarded on a day-to-day basis by conflicting messages and experiences such as you are handsome, you are not handsome (Beasley 123). Women, on the other hand, experience the same compliments like you are not sexy, and you are sexy. Additional conflicting sexuality messages and exceptions to the women include married couple have the worst sex, sex is for your husband, sex is for you and lastly married couples tend to have the best sex complement. Honestly, it is always good to leave women with a smile on their faces, dismay and confusion on their minds. This is embracing sexuality. In the business interactions, everyday stress and fatigue of the libido-suppressing effects, it becomes necessary for people to leave the whole of this “sexuality thing” for another day (Brownson 145). Embracing sexuality as an aspect of socialization is not bad though it should have some limits.

When it comes to sexual pleasure, embracing sexuality encourages the best way possible for the married couple to experience sexual pleasure. Additionally, embracing sexuality in the marriage incidence ensures that the marriage partners cordially respect one another. Even though the embracement of sexuality to some degree seems stacked against every married couple personality, sexologists encourage people not to give up or let go of innately driven sex persuasion and intimacy in their marriages.

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