I Will Pay For The Following Essay Hacker Culture And Mitigation The Essay Is To

I will pay for the following essay Hacker Culture and Mitigation. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Since hackers as a collection are chiefly creative, people who describe themselves in part by rejection of normal values and operational habits, it has unusually rich and conscious tradition for global cultures (Gertz, 2012).

The basis of hacker culture was born in the computer lab as a result of computer programmers doing all in their authority to request, scrounge or steel computing property. They spend hours working on a computer program while neglecting everything else. Computer network gives them a way to associate with other people with their same interest. Before the introduction of computers, hackers’ world set up and visited bullet board system, where an individual could host a bullet board system on his or her computer and let citizens dial into the organization to send message, share data among others (Pino, 2013).

Not all hackers try to investigate prohibited computer systems. A number of users use their talents and knowledge to make better software and safety measures. In fact, numerous hackers who once used their power to smash into systems now put that information and cleverness to use by creating more comprehensive security events. In a way, the Internet is a combat zone among kinds of hackers. The bad guys or black hottest go through systems or multiply virus and the good guys boost defense systems and expand potent virus defense software (Holt, 2010).

Hackers on both sides over powering open source software programs in which the basic code is accessible for anybody to study, share out and inform. With open course software, hackers can learn from other hackers experiences and assist each other to make programs function much in good health than they did before the introduction of the internet. Software might range from easy applications to more complex application system.

Mitigation refers to the attempt to decrease loss of life and possessions by lessening the effect of a disaster. It is also taking action to ensure that the