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This study is a research on various forms of violence in the work places and prevalence in women. The negative effects and assertiveness of employees in the work places result from the fact, that most of these employees have undergone violent situations in their work places. According to Aquino & Bradfield (2000), the data provided in this journal is random. collected from respondents form a City government organization. From the research, violence may be in the form of physical harm, calling of names amongst others. This survey used hierarchical regressions to study the various hypotheses.

This research was conducted in a City government organization whose majority number of workers includes males of thirty years and above and few females. This article carried out research on violence in this organization by examining the statistics that conform to violence in organizations. This research incorporated the use of interviews to find out the impacts and prevalence of violence in today’s organizations.

Out of the 28 respondents selected randomly, 19 respondents were women, 9 were men. The respondents were subjected to questions, which related to violence in their work place. From a calculation of the percentages of the responses on victimization based on gender, 76% of the total responses indicate that they have undergone violence in their work places. Some of the women indicated that their forms of violence ranged from discrimination on the basis of their medical status, age and the glass ceiling issue. During the interview, other women indicated, that their ambitions towards advancement in their careers proved futile in the organization.

From this research, it is evident that gender inequality is one of the major causes of domestic violence in organizations. Unless the management devises a way of curbing violence in the organizations, violence in organizations will continue escalating. The

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