I Will Pay For The Following Essay Immigrants From Columbia The Essay Is To Be 1

I will pay for the following essay Immigrants from Columbia. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Men usually shake hands with direct eye contact and use of appropriate greeting of the day is very vital. Women often do not shake hands but rather grasps forearms.

The official language in Colombia is Spanish and it’s spoken widely and the rest are American Indian languages. Religious wise, Colombians are Roman Catholics and such personal issues as marriage and family life have been highly influenced by the same.

Thus my approach in trying to work with this family would be to first approach the elders of the family (in this case the grandparents) and strike a friendship with the them since they are the most revered and will obviously have the final say. I would engage them with the language that they understand best and then try to deduce claims of abuse. If the claims are true, then I will follow the right way to have the children registered in the appropraite way so as they can benefit from the Department of Children and Family, of course with the full support of their mother and

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