I Will Pay For The Following Essay Immigration And Poverty The Essay Is To Be 5

I will pay for the following essay Immigration and Poverty. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Immigration assists in the development and understanding of cultural diversities and help in promoting anti-racist sentiments (Rowthorn 2004). But at one time immigration becomes a problem for the host country as many say that it has become a problem for United States as it has reached its peak. Many point out this argument and this would be further discussed in this essay along with the argument of the proponents of immigration who believe that immigration is helping the countries to prosper in every way.

Immigrants mainly belong to the underdeveloped nations where the financial crisis pushes them to immigrate. Policies which include the rules of free trade actually serve as a burden rather than reliefs for the poor countries making them dip into poverty even more. These underdeveloped nations have debts to pay off and much of their income goes into actually paying the interest on these debts. Moreover, the developed nations to pledge to assist these countries by providing them aid but these developed countries never reach their set goal. All these factors contribute to the increasing poverty in the world to an extent that it has been reported that over the past three decades 60 nations in the world have sunk deeper into poverty. The people living in these countries are left with no options and the final ray of hope for them is immigration. It is the only way for them to lead a better life ahead (Education for Justice 2006).

Immigration can also serve to be beneficial for the countries where these people migrate.&nbsp.

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