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I will pay for the following essay Impact of technology automobile. The essay is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Most of the automobiles are dependent on petrol or diesel to run. This ground breaking technology is a blessing to the human race as it is capable of covering long distances within minutes (Abernathy, 1976). The intention of this research work is to cover all the major aspects of the automobile industry from its inception till date. How has this technology facilitated human beings and in what ways transactional activities have been affected? Discussion of positive and negative impacts of this technology will be illustrated along with its role in the society. Advantages and disadvantages of automobile industry and societal horizon will be demonstrated. The role of political invasion, economic side and massive usage will be critically examined so that all the essential parts would be covered. Environmental changes that have taken place due to this technology and its impact of people’s health remains the essence of this research work which will be scrutinized. In the last alternatives to this technology along with the conclusion will be exemplified to present a clear picture about its impacts. Inception and Progress Historically it is reported that the first automobile was designed in the year 1672 for the Chinese Emperor, which neither had seating arrangement for the driver nor for the passenger. Emperor alone had to drive it. Another mechanical automobile was built in the year 1769 which was a stream powered tricycle created by Nicolas Cugnot. He built furthermore two tractors for the French Army to have a competitive edge in wars. His technology was dependent on the supply of water and steam that is why it could not sustain for long (White, 1971). (Abernathy, 1976) demonstrates that many innovational steps were taken in the preceding years by the different inventors but a promising automobile was yet to come. A French inventor Gustave Trouve presented his three wheeled revolutionary tricycle in the International Exposition of Electricity which was powered by electricity. This was a big step taken at that time and got huge applause from the fellow inventors. Karl Benz- a German engineer is however considered as the father of the modern automobile technology. Benz designed his first engine in 1878 and got its patent in the year 1879. He produced his first Motor wagon in 1885. He brought his automobile technology into the consumer market in 1886 under the flagship of his company. Benz &amp. Cie. After the inception of Benz technology in the market, rapid changes were seen in the industry and many French and German engineers came up with the innovatory automobile production. Companies like DMG and Ford emerged afterwards and gain huge acceptance and accomplishment in the market. Previously automobile technology was dependent upon steam, water and electricity but in the later years this was shifted to gas, petrol and diesel. In the later years focus came into designing of the exterior and interior of the cars came so that it would appear fine-looking. Comfortable seats and other technological specifications were uploaded making them eminent and impressive (White, 1971). Automobile industry is a big success in the technological world and the engine designing has been improved a lot.

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