I Will Pay For The Following Essay Inf336 Project Procurement Management Wk1 The

I will pay for the following essay INF336: Project Procurement Management Wk1. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

An example of such risks that affected the supply chain includes the Thai flooding that significantly resulted into shortages particularly in the hard disk drive market, which had previously been used to generate millions of dollars (Kendrick, 2009). However, the nature of the supply Chain risks have recently been changing. It has come to most people’s realization that the upcoming risks that normally come along with vulnerabilities often are better addressed adequately at the management level.

As a manager of such projects to be able to adequately respond to the risks I would carefully consider the operating models in my organization in an attempt to come up with a defined optimum balance between the assuredness and the financial efficiency of a very stable supply chain. As a manager I would also not wait until the disaster strikes rather, I would build a continuity plan. In enabling this, I would ensure that I effectively integrate the risk management in the operations of both planning and management in terms of workflow and functions just like I used to do in a company I ever had encounter with.

The structure of the organization could easily influence the overall success of the project right from the point initiation to closure. It is important that before setting up an organization an individual or a group should consider the benefits and disadvantages of both types of systems. For instance in my organization which has centralized kind of structure, very few people are involved in the decision making process to come up with the organizational policies. In a decentralized kind of organizational structure, at all levels of management and entirely in the organization, the authority is normally delegated to respective destinations. However, any organizations level of decentralization or centralization solely depends on the extent to which decision-making ability is distributed at all levels in an organization (Kortmann, 2012).

The benefits of

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