I Will Pay For The Following Essay Information Technology And Computing The Essa

I will pay for the following essay Information Technology and Computing. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The researcher discusses the opinion in which the information technology (IT) is associated with a clean and safe environment. But states that this is far from the truth. Considering its background processing’s in the manufacture field it seems, the tidiness seen in the infrastructures of IT is only peripheral. The manufacture of hardware involves the use of thousands of materials. Many of these materials are highly toxic, for example Lithium – that is a major component in laptops, CPUs and mobile phones. With mobile telephony zooming off, we can soon see millions of handsets joining the scrap heap every year in the near future. To this pile, adding lakhs of CRT monitors every year, especially when LCD monitors start coming down in price. It is stated in the essay that Government should come up with legislation compelling vendors to initiate a take back and successful recycle mechanism. else the dream could well end up in an ecological nightmare. The failure to pass crucial legislation in many countries has allowed the computer industry to resist addressing many criticisms, such as the amount of hazardous material used to make their products and the ever-growing pile of waste that results from the dynamic pace of innovation in the Information Technology (IT) industry. As a result, the researcher mentiones that double standards may exist between countries. MNC will start shipping machines free of the toxic chemicals, in which the law is strict and will ship machines with toxic substances, where law is flexible.

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