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I will pay for the following essay Interprofessional in Nursing (Mental Health Nursing). The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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It is evident that interactions that occur on every day basis must understand the complexities that are associated not only dealing with their colleagues but patients also. Clearly, new initiatives must be taken to understand the gravity of dealing with patients and explores other ideas that can facilitate patient’s recovery and perception about their health. A model that should be developed for nursing students should be simple in order to facilitate the process. It should consist of peer collaboration, discussion, research and testing along with shadowing a medical professional. These steps are vital because they solidify the foundation of core competencies along with remedying deficiencies. Education in health begins with the young generations being more involved in mentoring rather than filling in the blanks of a test. This theory is supported by many scholars as more effective as it enables students to gain a better understanding of the overall approach that occurs. The issue of quality in providing these services is just not a mere innovative concept but should be embedded on every medical facility. This methodology itself serves to define and embody the whole depiction of the hospital. In medicine, quality has become a crucial aspect is at enhances the outcomes that are appealing for any individual (Buttell, Hendler, &amp. Daley, 2007, p. 63). Quality is an element that must be prevalent not through lip service but through actions and should be a testament through patient care. The traditional approach that is embedded in delivering customer relations through doctors is under heavy scrutiny. Conducive research proves that social workers, midwives and nurses tend to excel on interpersonal skills while doctors must strive to make a better effort. In a hospital setting, it is clear that Doctors are perceived to have strong leadership along with collaboration skills that makes them highly competent at their profession (Buttell, Hendler, &amp. Daley, 2007, PP. 64-66). Thus, many authors suggest that the difference of knowledge and expertise that doctors possess from their colleagues create a formulation of diverse opinions that are prevalent in their actions. Since each individual has their own set of responsibilities, they also tend to have different notions on how to approach different problems (Buttell, Hendler, &amp. Daley, 2007, p. 65). Since quality tends to be the prevailing matter in all institutions, various elements have been examined to understand this critical issue. First and foremost element that is associated with healthcare is hygiene, Hygiene safety is a crucial element that all doctors practice due to the fact that it dynamically can impact patient’s heath. In many scenarios, it is evident that the patients is injured even though the doctors possess no ill intentions. One can argue that these medical errors are because of medical errors that contribute to this cause in their respective facilities (Buttell, Hendler, &amp. Daley, 2007, pp. 64). Although hygiene safety can be learned through methodology, it is crucial that they acquired safety skills through experience. Applying an ointment or not wrapping the bandage in a precise manner can lead to neglect which in long-run can be detrimental to patient’s health.