I Will Pay For The Following Essay Myths Surrounding The Act Of Rape The Essay I

I will pay for the following essay Myths surrounding the act of rape. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

When close persons rape a woman at home, the judge can base their argument on this myth and set the criminal free. The second myth specifies those who are only raped. They believed that rapists only assault the young and beautiful girls who are sexually attractive and within a certain age limit. The age and beauty is a mere comment by men to describe the physical appearance of young girls. Attractiveness is far from rape since crime goes beyond age and does not care about physical appearance of an individual (Easteal, 1998). The act of rape has no boundaries in terms of race, class, culture and the physical ability of a woman. When an old lady is raped, she will fear to report the incident since she fears the stigma associated with being raped. Those who believe in the myth will think that no one will get attracted to an old and ugly woman like her. The third myth is a malicious belief about women, when a woman denies an action she means yes. This means women are untrustworthy human beings. Men partners who want to take advantage of the women in the society justify their action basing on the myth (Allison, &Wrightsman, 1993). It is never the truth since there should be a serious consensus before having sex, and every person have the freedom to change his or her mind depending on the moods. If a partner uses force to get sexual satisfaction at the expense of the other partner, the action will amount to a sexual offence. Due to the common belief that no one can be sexually abused by his partner have left many cases go unreported due to fear of victimization and criticism by the society. The fourth myth holds that those who are raped are women who drink, wear revealing clothes, are prostitutes and seduce men and that what happens to them is a function of their misbehaviour.

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