I Will Pay For The Following Essay Poverty And Pollution The Essay Is To Be 5 Pa

I will pay for the following essay Poverty and Pollution. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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In this case, ethical implications lies in the fact that businesses are using the third world countries for their own financial gain, at the expense of the people and environment of the host third world country. However, ethics dictate that any successful business should work within the existing framework of regulations for the benefit of all parties involved, which includes environment and local people. Furthermore, businesses that cause pollution only cater after their own interests and leave people to suffer the consequences of pollution. Moreover, strict ethical laws and regulations in the third world countries business sector has considerable impact relating to financial gains emanating from the said businesses due to the costs affiliated. This is because a country is not willing to let go of the revenue, hence, native people are left suffering the consequences of environmental exploitation and pollution in the quest for wealth. In addition, some of the mother countries of these businesses polluting the environment tend to be powerful and include handsome packages to the third-world governments, which are in return for unregulated exploitation of resources without limitations and liabilities. In addition, businesses operating in third world countries have a number of grounds to disregard pollution standards. One of the reasons leading to this problem would be weak regulations governing pollution menace in the developing countries. These weak guidelines facilitate businesses to disregard the law because little can be done to penalize them for their unethical acts. Thus, there is little to be lost by the said company as compared to countries with strict environmental pollution laws. Moreover, laws play a crucial role in the response of environmental agencies responsible for tackling these environmental issues. This is because weak laws do not foster law enforcement, thus, low motivation and increased pollution crimes in third world countries (Amnesty International, 2009). Corruption cannot to be left behind, as it is a critical aspect, this is in terms of regulation. where those charged with responsibility receive bribes from companies to allow pollution blatantly (“New A.T. Kearney…”, 2000). In addition, the issue of penalties leads to total disregard for standards of pollution control. This is in terms of leniency and harshness while punishing violators of these standards as they set examples to be emulated and followed. In this regard, companies that are leniently penalized have a possibility of repeating the same offence, as the income is much higher than the penalty. Besides, it could be cheaper to pay the penalty than follow the set guidelines. As a result, businesses may opt for the cheapest way out by maximizing their profits at the expense of conserving the environment. Pollution, economic growth and development all have a close relationship with each other since according to common belief, pollution is the price of progress, and that the cost of development is almost directly proportional to the resultant pollution in terms of industrial waste and pollutant material.

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