I Will Pay For The Following Essay Pregnant Women Whose Age Is Over Forty The Es

I will pay for the following essay Pregnant Women Whose Age is Over Forty. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In general, this group of women is in the most difficult phase in its womanhood: menopause period. There are several changes that occur in their bodies that are mainly biological. undoubtedly, the physiological modification has the direct and visible effect on the psychological aspect of the person undergoing such body changes. Pregnancy in this particular period is very dangerous for women who undergo such childbearing.

&nbsp.Based on certain statistics, women of such age bracket are twice more at risk of having a fetal demise in contrast to the younger women (Klossner, 2006). This implies that in giving birth to a newborn baby, the lives of the women whose age is over 40 are in greater danger than those of the women below such age bracket. This sort of tragedy (i.e., death) from childbearing is largely attributed to the physiological characteristic characterized in the at-risk group of women. Due to dramatic changes in their bodies (e.g., ovaries), pregnancy for this group of women is complicated, which leads, at certain times, to their ultimate demise. Moreover, women who are pregnant in their 40s and above are more likely to have a type of cesarean delivery (Klossner, 2006). In contrast to young women, women of considerable age are prone to cesarean operation probably due to the biological complexity inherent in menopausal stage. It is noteworthy that there are two human beings that are at risk in this type of scenario: the mother and the baby.

&nbsp.In the process, the at-risk group of women inevitably needs vital support from the family in particular and the community in general. In the absence of the family, the community through its resources is essential in facilitating the pregnant woman whose age is over 40.

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