I Will Pay For The Following Essay Prostitution Must Be Legalized In The United

I will pay for the following essay PROSTITUTION MUST BE LEGALIZED IN THE UNITED STATES. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In order to change the face of the criminal justice system and the prison management system, prostitution should be made legal and it should be highly supervised and regulated.

Prostitution has been witnessed in the US society for several years, several rules and regulations have been made to erase every possible element of prostitution but no government regulation or government itself has been able to counter it. Prostitution is not only a part of US, it is even a part of the most conservative and religious nations throughout the world. Utah is one of the states that have very high rate of population, even criminal justice operators and officials seem to believe that prostitution is a very huge business within US. Legalization of prostitution has a very huge history. certain rights were awarded to the prostitutes within Egypt during the era of 18th century. Various nations have allowed prostitution to operate as a legal business, these nations have ensured that even the profession such as prostitution is conducted in a moral way and other immoral activities are not being conducted behind the walls of the brothels available in these nations. Recently, Nevada and Rhode Island, two of the states of the US has accepted this profession as a legal business within the state (Moss 360). Holland has taken an upper hand and has accepted the businesses conducted by brothels as a legal business. Holland accepted prostitution and has levied heavy rules and regulations on this business and this business operates in a moral fashion.

One of the reasons due to which prostitution should be legalized is the reason due to which individuals choose the path of prostitution. Prostitutes conduct their business in a pretty secretive manner as the law enforcement agents do not all people of this profession to conduct business openly on the streets. Due to this, the business does not

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