I Will Pay For The Following Essay Read This Document And After Answer This 3 Qu

I will pay for the following essay Read this document and after answer this 3 questions. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Gould uses the phrase “AIDS spreads in a clear exponential manner” (Gould, 1987) to explain the natural spread of AIDS to the general population, and how it lacks boundaries. However, Gould eventually convinces himself on the ability of nature in controlling itself when he says, “evolution cares as little for its agents,” (Gould, 1987). AIDS being a natural phenomenon spare some people who will keep the continuity of the human species.

A lot of input in improving technology with the intention of solving all human problems has proved ineffective. This is because technology together with mans brain has failed in eradicating the holocaust AIDS. Ignorance and lack of responsibility make AIDS spread in an exponential form hampering the human biological system, thus making it a hard disaster to handle. AIDS spreads rapidly and in different forms making it a vulnerable disease. However, proper handling of human biological system can control the rate of spread of AIDS, this is because AIDS hampers with the biological system of a human being. Although AIDS kills many people, it spares some to ensure continuity of generation. therefore, AIDS being a natural phenomenon controls itself. Eradication of AIDS can only be successful with the application of technological slogans in fighting

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