I Will Pay For The Following Essay Refrigeration Laboratory The Essay Is To Be 8

I will pay for the following essay Refrigeration Laboratory. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Additionally, high water inlet temperatures substantially affect R134a temperature. Consequently, high water inlet temperatures led to rise in intermediate temperatures. In addition to that, optimal temperature is directly proportional to ambient temperature (Neese and Oravetz, 2003). This temperature in turn affects evaporation temperature of cycles that occur at low stages hence inducing the increase of optimal temperature.

Result also indicated that there was a correlation between coefficient of performance, water inlet and ambient temperatures. As a result, coefficient of performance deteriorates at high water inlet temperatures and low ambient temperatures and vice versa and it is a common phenomenon in air water heat pump systems (Radermacher and Hwang, 2005).

The apparatus had numerous sharp bends with narrow bores that substantially increased pressure of the refrigerant due to viscous friction. Refrigerant usually leave the evaporator chamber below ambient temperatures. This makes it gain temperature from the surrounding to increase superheat. Inadequately insulation at the suction line prevented this from happening (Venkatarathnam, 2008). The motor used to compress refrigerant, from suction pressure to discharge pressure, is not 100% efficient.

This experiment opened up so many possibilities of recommendation that can be done to improve the plant and study techniques used. The entire valve at the joint should be fitted to prevent gas from escaping. The inefficient motor should also be replaced with an efficient one so as to save energy. Friction reduction measures are very important. Lubricant and oil should be smeared on the Inner lining of the walls of the suction pipes to reduce friction between the fluids and the walls.

Man-made chlorine, especially Chlorofluorocarbons depletes the ozone layer making it permeable to dangerous ultra violet rays reach the earth. It was due this concern that the Montreal Protocol, an

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