I Will Pay For The Following Essay Rhetorical Analysis Is Junk Food Really Cheap

I will pay for the following essay Rhetorical Analysis: IS Junk Food Really Cheaper. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The fact that fast foods are considered cheaper than the home-cooked meals has become the foundation on which the overweight problem, especially associated with the low income people, is explained (Bittman, 660). Most consider it cheaper and thus prefer the fast foods, for example to purchase a meal of four at McDonalds that will cost them $28, as opposed to preparing a meal for four a home, which is perceived to be more costly. However, the truth is that a home cooked meal that offers the same dietary value as a McDonalds’ meal for four might cost even less. For example a home-cooked meal that has the same dietary value as the McDonalds fast food meal may cost $9-14 to feed four or even six people (Bittman, 660). More so, when some of the ingredients are replaced with cheaper alternatives, the meal for four can cost around $14 when cooked at home which is exactly half the price of the same dietary value meal a McDonalds (Bittman, 661). In this respect, money is not the actual factor that causes people to consume fast foods at the expense of the home-cooked foods. Time has also been considered a factor that makes the Americans to opt for the fast foods, since they lack ample time for cooking. However, the truth has proven to the contrary, owing to the fact that an average American has at least one-and-a-half hour each day to watch television (Bittman, 663). This simply means that the Americans can have time to cook, and in fact cooking once a week at home is better than not cooking at all.

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