I Will Pay For The Following Essay Subordinate Group The Essay Is To Be 3 Pages

I will pay for the following essay Subordinate Group. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

It was possible to move from the plantations to the urban areas, but they chose not to do so because, in urban areas, it was not possible to live with one’s family (Hurt, 3).

According to records, it was after complete slavery of four generations, that is, in the twentieth century that a ray of hope appeared. By that time, the system of slavery started vanishing, and more and more slaves were getting freed. Though the economic condition was rather pathetic for them, my ancestors were quite happy with the fact that at last, they were being treated as citizens. Admittedly, most of the African American people were living in the Southern United States until that time. However, their economic condition was rather pathetic, and they had no access to schools.

However, situations were changing though slowly. As they got freed from bonded labor, my great grandfathers started growing cotton in a rented piece of land. It was possible to pay the rent on the harvest. Thus, what they enjoyed was a much better life as compared to the previous centuries. However, social disparities were too big to ignore. All the laws were against the African Americans. They had to attend separate schools, use separate transportation system, and lodging.

My father had his birth in the year 1920, and it was two years thereafter that my whole family shifted from the South to North. My father says there are various reasons that made such a movement the best option at that time. Firstly, the life in South was getting worse because of social oppression. All the laws introduced by the government were intended to increase the social segregation. Secondly, the cotton cultivation did not go profitable as expected as they had to pay excessive rents. So, my grandparents shifted from South to North where there was a better possibility of jobs in industries (Sammis, 52).

My grandparents and my father became industrial workers on reaching North.

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