I Will Pay For The Following Essay Teaching And Learning Issues Within A Cogniti

I will pay for the following essay Teaching and Learning Issues Within a Cognitive Context-ADD/ADHD. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This is not a disorder of attention, as had long been assumed but rather a function, which is considered a developmental failure of the brain circuitry monitoring inhibition as well as self-control. The loss of self-regulation prevents the normal functioning of other crucial brain functions, which help maintain attention and the ability postpone current rewards for future gain. Children with ADHD demonstrate a range of symptoms and levels of severity and often are often exhibit average intelligence as well as having various individual and personality traits (Zentall, 2005).

A child with behaviors associated with ADHD has difficulties with academics and with forming relationships with his or her peers if proper instructional methodologies and interventions are not put into place. The child with ADD/ADHD typically has trouble with all aspects and situations in their lives, including schoolwork, family and social relationships (Reid & Lienemann, 2006).&nbsp.

Bringing up a child with ADD can remarkably be frustrating, emotionally challenging, and may be expensive. This paper discusses the concept behind ADD/SDHD as well as the problems associated with this disorder especially on growing children. The paper also discusses on the steps/level o the disorder throughout the life of the affected child. Similarly, the paper brings out the issue of ‘Focus’ as one the main innovative teaching and learning strategy that addresses the issue of concentration in children (Alberta, 2006).

The most critical psychosocial task faced by an infant relates to the development of trust. In developing trust, the infant also learns that he/she is dependent on parents/caretakers to meet all needs like food, safety, warmth, comfort — for survival.

The ability to manage sensations and to feel relaxed may pose problems for babies who are later diagnosed as having attention deficits, often described as hyper-excitable and irritable. They are always