I Will Pay For The Following Essay To What Extent Does Digital Media Encourage A

I will pay for the following essay To what extent does digital media encourage antistatic behaviour again the government. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Its usage is not just limited to one part of the world, rather it has seen its usage in parts of the world where there was discontent and dismay felt against the ruling elites.

The social media has become an emblem of free expression and the people’s voice. While the other mediums such as the television, radio, and newspaper and publishing is often subjected to the censorship of the governments in the different parts of the world, the social media has seen been able to bring about the like minded people to the platform.

This paper looks into the overall role of social media and the modern digital technology that has enabled the people to mobilize. The cases that are to be taken include the examples of Arab Spring, the recently held agitation and dismay against Turkish government, the role of social media in Iran, YouTube ban in number of countries, namely North Korea, China and Pakistan. All these will be looked into with regard to their effectiveness and overall influence on the people’s mind. Governments have often taken actions to ban such activities subject to the internal unrest and policies which they feel should be prolonged. The citizens on the other hand take them for oppressive measures and thereby in revolt make use of all the means that are available to them.

Turkey saw severe uprising by the citizens in the recent times. Since they were directed towards the government policies and opposition against it, this in turn led to the resentment amongst the government ranks and they prevented the news of the protestors from reaching the international platforms, and also on the local television channels. Twitter came up to the rescue of the protestors and it was used as the standout platform for the protestors who used it as a platform to not reach out to the fellow members in the different parts of the country, they also allowed the protestors to spread the world abroad on international