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I will pay for the following essay Using a word processor of your choice, such as Word, produce a 1000-1500 word report on the subject of Obesity. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

As argued by Kopelman (2007), the prevalence of obesity in the United Kingdom for example and the world at large is on the rise. The statistics indicate that a huge percentage of the adults in UK are obese (Kopelman, 2007). An analysis of the future would reduce over a half of the world populace being obese (WHO, 2001). This increase in obesity is one that revolves around lifestyle and societal factors. With these alarming statistics, it is important that the entire society work collectively to ensure that the issue is resolved on a societal level.

Up to date, there has been an integrated approach towards dealing with obesity, especially through mobilization on marinating a healthy diet and encouraging continuous participation in physical activity (Eggar and Swinburn, 2002).

Eggar and Swinburn (2002) indicate that one of the major causes of obesity results from an individual in-taking excessive foods and drinks as they are supposed to. In the long run, this causes a lot of energy imbalance, as opposed to the daily 60 calories in a day. Some foods have been indicated to contain lots of fats and sugars, especially snacks. Persons with the habit of consuming such foods are likely to be obese (Rolls, 2007). However, it is vital to note that some individuals are likely to be obese from their biological make-up (Kopelman, 2007).

On the other hand, Kopelman (2007) says that some people are less active unlike others. These persons are likely to be obese especially if they have a habit of snacking and consuming excessive fatty and sugary foods.

An individual’s early life also determines the obese rate of individuals (WHO, 2001). Right from the mother’s womb to the parental feeding habits to the infants, obesity can be determined. The adult life of this child is likely to be affected, an aspect that Kopelman (2007) terms as an inter-generational constituent of obesity. Weaning is, therefore, of