I Will Pay For The Following Essay Who Am I In Nursing Leadership The Essay Is T

I will pay for the following essay Who am I in Nursing Leadership. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Through different seminar that I attended I learned how to become an exceptional charge nurse with good conflict management styles. This paper tries to evaluate the role of leaders in nursing as a profession.

The biggest challenge the leaders in the field of nursing face in line with their duties is staffing challenges (Hagler, 2015). This follows the fact that as the economy recover, more of the nurses leave the job markets. The available data supports this current concern and that we need to find nurses who have critical thinking and are moving away from being oriented towards their earning but to be oriented toward their tasks.

There should be health care reforms on the revamped functions of the nurses that give the nurses an opportunity to be prepared to deal with the very complex issues relating to health care and even issues dealing with the comprehensive patients in their homes and even within the community level.

A lot of the nurse leaders expect that all the nurses to be greatly involved in shaping the health care debate were they establish more interest on the health care legislations. The leaders are encouraging the associations to speak to the law and policy makers about the greater issues affecting nursing. How effective leadership contributes to the proposed improvement remains the central

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