I Will Pay For The Following Essay Workable Methodology Ii The Essay Is To Be 3

I will pay for the following essay Workable methodology II. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In this regard, in order to have an insight of the current situation, the study will gather information from incarcerated offenders and facilities staff. The study will be concerned about the current programs used by Alabama Department of Corrections and their effectiveness in relation to modifying the behaviors of women offenders. The women will be requested to provide their views in relation to what contributed to their incarceration, how different they feel being in the correction center, and what they expect after their release. This will give a base on what can be done to improve the situation. On the same note, the study will also gather information from former incarcerated women. This will help the researcher in gaining an insight of their experiences in prison and after they were released. Basically, the respondents will provide information such as their views on whether the programs they were subjected to during their jail term helped in modifying their behaviors or not. In addition, the researcher will seek to know if there are any after release/follow up programs in place, and if there are, their perception on their effectiveness as far as behavior modification is concerned. In addition, since the current programs seem to be applied to both male and female offenders, it would be necessary to have male offenders included in the study. This will help the researcher to have an understanding of the differences of effectiveness that these programs have for female and male offenders. This will help to modify the existing treatment programs or identify new programs that will be more effective than the current ones. In this regard, the researcher will purposively sample male offenders and former male offenders, who have been subjected to treatment programs similar to those that selected female offender participants, have been subjected. This will help to evaluate the impact these programs have to both male and female offenders. In addition, facilities staff will play a crucial role in highlighting major challenges or achievements they experience in their line of duty. The use of questionnaire The questionnaire will be utilized to collect information from the service provider (staff members) because they are help to be straight forward and less time consuming for both the researcher and the participants. Use of questionnaires will make it possible to reach correction centers staff members participating in the study since they will only be required to fill in the questionnaire at their own convenient time (Bryman & Bell, 2003). The questionnaire will contain closed and open-ended items that are meant to capture the responses of the participants regarding the issue under investigation. Use of the interview guide On the other hand, interview method will be used to gather information from offenders since it offers high response quality, and offers an in-depth scrutiny of the phenomena at hand information (Bryman & Bell, 2003). This will be useful in determining how treatment programs are effective in behavior modification of female offenders. Validity and reliability/pilot project In regard to testing the validity and reliability of the instruments to be used for the study, the instruments will be given to two independent experts from the counseling psychology. The views from the two experts will be welcome. The recommended changes in the instruments will be made accordingly. This process is vital because it will ensure reliability and consistency of measurement before the actual research. With a sensitive case like the current phenomena, it is always important to have accurate instruments in place. In addition, before the actual study, there will be a pilot test of the instruments, which will be

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