I Would Like It Formatted Professionally

I would like it formatted professionally. Well written business and technical summaries and categorized to meet the criteria for the assignment.

Help With Information Systems Test PlanI have to create a user acceptance test plan with a summary for an query based Web Based application that provides users the ability to search for Child Care and Child Care Worker information to ensure they are qualified to work as child care provider. The application incorporates integrated data from 3 different data sources.  The testing involves user from those departments verifying the data from the 3 different data sources. 

If someone could assist me with a template of a User Acceptance test plan they have completed for me to use as guide.  If you could complete and I can modifying wording as needed.  What I need is as follows:

Please put together a summary document detailing the support needed from departments to UAT their data in the application.    

I need to write a summary of a the timeline, data sources, methodology, transformation process (High Level) and  a proposed approach to verify the data. 

I would like any one who has a IT background with system development or QA testing to assist with this.  Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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