Identify An Accurate Statement About Mineralocorticoids Select One The Mineraloc

Identify an accurate statement about mineralocorticoids.

Select one:

a. The mineralocorticoids are hormones secreted by the innermost layer of the adrenal gland.

b. The main effect of the mineralocorticoid hormones is to regulate the fluid balance of the body.

c. The most important secreted mineralocorticoid is hydrocortisone.

d. The excessive use of mineralocorticoids often leads to obesity and diabetes mellitus.

What are the physical ramifications of hypothyroidism in infants and children?

Select one:

a. Mental and physical retardation

b. Exophthalmos

c. Toxic nodular goiter

d. None of the above

Which of the following clinical conditions has shown an improvement with hormone replacement therapy?

Select one:

a. Osteoporosis

b. Dysmenorrhea

c. Infertility

d. Diabetes