Identify An Information Technology It Failure Impacting Financial Accounting Dat

Identify an information technology (IT) failure impacting financial/accounting data in a company within the last five years. The IT failure must have resulted from either poor information security, external cyberattacks, breach of information, inside jobs to manipulate/steal information, lack of regulatory compliance, etc. Then, address the following

2. List the related information systems/technology controls that could have prevented and/or detected the failure. Explain your reasoning.

3. How would the controls you listed above have helped safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (also referred to as C.I.A.) of data? Hint: define C.I.A. first, then address the question.

4. As an IS Counselor/Advisor/Auditor, what other suggestions, recommendations, and/or improvements would you communicate to Management and the Board of Directors of the company affected?

5. List the References used.

Parameters: Submission Guidelines and Format:

 Present your work in a brief (7-10 pages) MS Word paper.

 Create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your paper as though you were presenting it in person.

 Copy and paste your paper into the Notes area of the PowerPoint presentation with the appropriate text accompanying the slide you would be showing if you were presenting that part of the paper. The entire paper should be included in the presentation, but you are not required to create more than six slides.

 Be sure the work is your own and that any sources you use are properly cited and included in the References section.

 To guide your work, imagine you are communicating your results to the Board of Directors of a company.

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