Identify And Engage A Real Life Group Or Team That You Can Work Conduct A Team D

Identify and engage a real-life group or team that you can work conduct a team development exercise and analyze the value and usefulness of Peter Senge’s five disciplines in the context of your team change management initiative.

Select a problem or issue within the group (minimum 5 people )  that the team can work on, using the exercise you have chosen. The goal is to bring team perspectives to this problem or issue, rather than to solve the specific identified problem. Your exercise for this session should be based on one of the following two disciplines identified by Senge: Team learning or  Systems thinking.

· Define Team Learning 

· Define Systems Thinking

· Team Exercise Plan; Schedule, Job Titles, Roles and Those Participating

· Problem Chosen for Team Development Session

· Learning Discipline Chosen to Focus on for Team Exercise

· Team Development Experience

· Successful and Unsuccessful Aspects of the Team Development Exercise

· Lessons Learned for Team Facilitation; Planned and Unplanned Journeys

· Choose a New Direction and Commitment to That Direction

******Be sure to follow the directions suggested (see attachment ) 

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