Identify The Current National Health Policy Issue For Which You Would Like To Ad

Identify the current national health policy issue for which you would like to advocate or amend (for your critical assignment).  Develop three potential policy options that would help address your identified issue.  This submission should be no less than five pages and no more than six.  Include each of the following components-

Background: Provide a one-page (max.) overview of your chosen health policy issue.

Policy Options: Develop three potential policy options and describe each with 2–3 paragraphs of detail. (No more than two-pages max.)

Supporting Argument: Provide a one-page (max.) argument supporting one of your policy options.

Opposing Argument: Provide a one-page (max.) argument detailing the opposing argument of your policy recommendation.

Recommendation for Action: This should support the policy option you have chosen along with the justification for your decision. (No more than one-page max.)

The following web link may be useful as you work through this assignment.

USA Federal Legislation –