Iii Sprint 12 00 Pm 42 M Google Com C 1 The Standard Resolution For Graphics On

I need help with these questions I already did 40 questions thank you

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.III Sprint ’é‘ 12:00 PM 42% [:M fl google.com C1. The standard resolution for graphics on theWeb is . (1 point)2. The the resolution, the larger the file size. (1 point) 3. An image is an image thatappears on a Web page. (1 point) 4. size, download times, and thenumber of colors are factors that will help youdecide which graphic format you should use. (1point) 5. Adobe is an image editingprogram. (1 point) 6. The tag is used to bring an imageinto a Web site. (1 point) 7. The format was the most recentlydeveloped popular graphic format. (1 point) < a [1] fl

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