Imex Global Solutions Issued A Bond On December 31 2015 To The Public Which Pays

IMEX Global Solutions issued a bond on December 31, 2015 to the public which pays $80 once per year in interest and a $1,000 principal repayment after year 10, and is priced in the open market to reflect a required return of 11.5% to bondholders, or $798. The company’s management has the option of redeeming this bond early for $1,050 plus any accrued interest.

As it relates to the IMEX bonds, identify the following:

Face value

Market value                    

Coupon rate

Yield to maturity             

Current yield                    

Call premium                    


Identify the following general statements concerning bonds as True or False:

Bonds provide tax benefits to issuers of bonds.  

The risk of company insolvency increases when a firm issues bonds.

Municipal bonds pay interest that is federally and state tax-free.           

All else constant, a bond will sell at a discount when its coupon rate is less than its yield to maturity.                                                                                       

Decreasing the time to maturity increases the price of a discount bond, all else unchanged.                                                                                   


You have the option of performing calculations manually or with the use a financial calculator or spreadsheet. Either way, you must specify what is being calculated to earn credit:

Lion Equity paid an annual dividend of $3.25 per share last month, and it is anticipated that future dividends will increase by 4% annually. As a shareholder, if you require a 12% return on your investment in Lion Equity, how much are you willing pay to purchase one share of stock in Lion Equity today?Charming Shoppes will pay an annual dividend of $2.55 next year with future dividends increasing by 4% annually. If the market rate of return on this stock is 12.5%, what should the stock be currently selling for?The Clark Group pays an annual dividend of $5.80 per share. The economy is tough but Clark promises to continue maintaining this level of dividend every year for the time being. How much are you willing to pay for one share of this stock is you want to earn a 14.5% annual return?Miller Cooper just paid a $4.25 annual dividend with the stated intention of increasing its dividend by 3% annually. You would like to purchase stock in this firm but realize that you will not have the funds to do so for another 4 years. If you require a 15% rate of return, how much will you be willing to pay per share for the stock when you can afford to make this investment?Town Bagel common stock sells for $65 a share and pays an annual dividend that increases by 4% annually. The market rate of return on this stock is 14%. What is the amount of the last dividend paid?Erie Health Care common stock offers an expected total return of 9.5%. The last annual dividend was $2.10 a share and dividends are expected to increase at a constant 3% percent per year. What is the dividend yield?The preferred stock of AKA Enterprises pays an annual dividend of $8.50 and sells for $55.74 a share. What is the rate of return on this security?