In A Total Of 1 500 Words Answer The Following Three Questions With Reference To

In a total of 1,500 words answer the following three questions:

  1. With reference to the cement industry’s fate in Venezuela, do you think nationalisation of industries is a threat for globalised companies?
  2. What are the major options to resolve the existing problems of Cemex? What, according to you is the best option to come out of the acute cash crunch?
  3. Should Cemex rethink its globalisation strategy?

Marking Criteria:  The written essays are marked on the following basis: introduction (10%), how well the  questions are answered (20% each, for a total of 60%), structure and writing style (10%),  conclusions (10%), quality of supporting evidence (10%). A bibliography using Harvard  referencing and world limit of 1,500 words are required to pass each the assignment.

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