In Business Social Media Communications Has Become The Norm Rather Than The Choi

In business, social media communications has become the norm rather than the choice. Social Media communications have stormed the business communicative world with its apparent new channels, terminologies, characters, and formats of communication; unbeknownst to mankind before now. As a result, we are pushed and pulled by multiple, sometime interrelated forces to either comply or be left out. Most, if not all businesses have joined the bandwagon and have restructured their business communication media to comply with the demands of social media. It is no longer a secret that the Internet is here for good, and its various communication channels like: E-mails, Twitter, Texting, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are shifting the paradigms of business communications.

You are to research, analyze, & type a fifteen page business report/essay of your findings on which Social media channels impact business communication in an African nation or a Hispanic nation. Document their impacts on business communication in the international environment. Your written report/essay should be an article for a journal publication in business communication. Document your sources and be consistent with your writing (APA; MLA; etc.) style. The researched article should address but not limited to cultural implications, tones, and traditional norms to online communication. Your paper should address, but should not be limited to, the following information about the nation:

·              Online Business ethics, and cultural traditions online

·              Language styles in both written and online contexts

·              Nonverbal communication: time, metamessages, & readabilities

·              Social interaction: tones, assertiveness, online respect, etc.

Your written business report/essay should contain information and resources to help the reader or audience in understanding the norms of those using social media in business communication. The materials presented should be interesting, persuasive, and should be visually appealing

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