In Class This Week We Examined A Variety Of Music And Focused On Several Basic C

In class this week we examined a variety of music and focused on several basic concepts that helped to link the works and also show their unique qualities. For this music hunt assignment you are asked to do the following: 

1) Find a song or video that you feel has the following characteristics:

  • Contains music “that explores chance elements” similar in some way to the concepts discussed in class and in your textbook reading. Something that challenges the traditional understanding of the relationship between sound, silence, and the traditional tools of music.


  • Carefully consider what those concepts are (or might be), and why the artist (performer, band, etc) is using them.

2) Give the brief “facts” of the work: Title, Composer(s), Performers (artists or band name), Length of song, Record label, year of first release by this artist, etc…

3) Then give a quick description (analysis) of the work in your own words – describing how it is a good match for the assignment requirements.

4) And finally, include a URL to the location of the work so that the professor can watch/listen to the music for grading

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