In Order To Be Diagnosed With A Mental Disorder You Only Need Two Criteria Is Th

  1. In order to be diagnosed with a mental disorder, you only need two criteria: is the behavior deviant and is it distressful. TRUE or FALSE
  2. The key symptom that Schizophrenics have is disorganized thoughts. TRUE or FALSE
  3. DID is rarely diagnosed and may not even exist. TRUE or FALSE
  4. PTSD only happens to combat veterans. TRUE or FALSE
  5. GAD and panic disorder are the same thing. TRUE or FALSE
  6. Freud’s version of psychotherapy was called psychoanalysis and was an insight, talk therapy. TRUE or FALSE
  7. Lithium was one of the first drugs developed solely to treat schizophrenics. TRUE or FALSE
  8. Exposure therapy is an example of systematic desensitization. TRUE or FALSE
  9. Anti-psychotic drugs are designed to reduce or eliminate voices in the head and reduce disorganized thought. TRUE or FALSE
  10. ECT is still used today only to treat intractable severe depression. TRUE or FALSE
  11. Frontal lobotomies are still performed on schizophrenics and other with psychotic symptoms. TRUE or FALSE.
  12. Solomon Asch studied how subjects would conform to group behavior. TRUE or FALSE
  13. Losing your identity in a crowd and feeling anonymous is termed deindividuation. TRUE or FALSE
  14. Blaming others for their dispositonal faults and excusing your bad behavior due to the situation is an example of the fundamental attribution error. TRUE or FALSE
  15. Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison study was an experiment in obedience to authority. TRUE or FALSE

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