In The Below Article Vokurka Et Al 2000 Compares The Baldrige Deming Australian

In the below article, Vokurka, et al. (2000) compares the Baldrige, Deming, Australian, Canadian, and European Quality Awards. These prizes were developed to showcase the best quality improvements in the industry. To earn these prizes, many organizations spend over half a million dollars and tens of thousands of labor hours preparing the application. To assist you with this assignment, review the following paper comparing quality programs. 

Vokurka, R. Stading, G. & Brazeal, J. (2000).  A comparative analysis of national and regional quality programs. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Quality Progress, pg 41-49.

Research a recent winner of one of these awards and discuss if the effort was worth the prize.

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