In This Course You Will Design A Web Store Layout For Your Own Retail Internet B

In this course, you will design a web store layout for your own  retail Internet business.  When developing a business, it’s important to  take a look at your competition. In this project, you will complete a  critique of a B2C e-commerce website potential competitor. Do a little  searching for one that interests you and that you are comfortable using  over the next seven weeks for this project. For an overview of this  project, see the Project Overviews module.

Next, browse through the site. In a paper, address the topics for  Week 1 listed below.  Remember to save all of your work as each week  builds on the previous week’s work to establish a complete understanding  on the website critique process. 

The paper should include:

  • review of how the website addresses the topics outlined;
  • your opinion of how well the website handles the topic areas; and
  • insight on how the website could be improved in the topic areas.

Week 1 Website Critique Project.doc

Feel free to include screen shots to  illustrate your ideas where relevant and be sure to include a link to  your site. Your responses should be written in a narrative style rather  than in a numbered list.  Also, I’ve included some links in the lecture  resources that will help you to understand more on checking for  compatibility. 

2-3pgs APA format.



Preliminary Steps 

Identified the  B2C and included the URL and date of review.  Reviewed the site for  browser specific problems in multiple browsers, both early and late  versions.  Discussed findings of previous website reviews.     40.0 pts 


Identified if  the site is an extension of business or a start up.  Compared web store  to a B&M discussing advantages/challenges of selling the products  online.  40.0 pts 

Global E-commerce 

Investigated  international purchases and identified characteristic of products sold  that would make it easier and/or harder to sell online.    20.0 pts 

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