In This Discussion You Will Research And Discuss At Least One Article From A Sci

in this discussion you will research and discuss at least one article from a scientific magazine or journal on the topic of biotechnology. Please use the ECPI Online Library to conduct your research. In your initial post, summarize the article and discuss the impact of the issue or research on the field of environmental biology. Your summary should be at least three paragraphs.


  1. Cite your source, and if you found the source using the Internet, instead of the ECPI Online Library, include the hotlink or active URL to the article.
  2. Cite your source using APA format.
  3. Your post should be in your own words; be very careful not to plagiarize.
  4. Write a detailed summary. It should be a minimum of three well developed paragraphs.

Note: You are not permitted to use an article that has been posted by another student. Should this take place, the first student to post the organization’s information will receive credit and the second student will need to research another article.

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